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New Posts
  • cknauth119
    Aug 30

    The kit has been out of stock for several months now. I am wondering whether anyone is still working on the project? If not, I would really appreciate a full parts list with parts numbers so that I can find the exact parts to buy.
  • m66m_11
    Apr 2

    Welcome everyone I congratulate everyone on this beautiful work ... my question is  Where do I find beam splitter glass Can you tell me which sites I can buy from? Greetings
  • Cayden Pierce
    Mar 30

    Hello everyone! I decided to take a small break from the VMP project (see other posts) to hack something fun for the OpenEyeTap! I like to run and bike, so I have built a utility with a live speedometer built in. Also in this library is the function to track your location as you run, so you can later view your route (soon I will overlay this on top of a map, maybe Google Maps API?), your speed along the route, and the total distance you traveled. Here's the Github repo: https://github.com/CaydenPierce/OpenEyeTapJogWear Give it a pull and try it out. This is great for beginners as it is simple and was made in an hour or two. Future features to add would be live directions (Google Maps API, again) and a live update counter of distance traveled. This is a simple feature, but imagine the possibilities when a community of users start building features of all kinds, then we will have functionalities for all types of activities. Cayden Pierce