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Nov 19, 2018

A pic from actual eyetap



Can someone with an actual eyetap take a picture of an actual view from the beam splitter and micro display perferbly a picture with some text inside? It will help a lot ... thanks

Maaaaax - EyeTap Team
Nov 20, 2018

I don't have an eyetap with me right now, but here's an old video on my computer. we can't show the full size of the display because the camera is too big to be put behind the eyetap beam splitter. but hopefully you get the idea




Nov 20, 2018Edited: Nov 20, 2018

Thanks a lot maaaaax that really helped me.

So I reckon you invert the screen by changing raspberry pi config file because there isn't any other way how you get a correct picture from the virtual image h`. Can you tell me the right config in pi zero for it?



OK found it in one of your images:

display_rotate=0x10000 horizontal flip

Oct 15

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New Posts
  • cknauth119
    Aug 30

    The kit has been out of stock for several months now. I am wondering whether anyone is still working on the project? If not, I would really appreciate a full parts list with parts numbers so that I can find the exact parts to buy.
  • m66m_11
    Apr 2

    Welcome everyone I congratulate everyone on this beautiful work ... my question is  Where do I find beam splitter glass Can you tell me which sites I can buy from? Greetings
  • DrakonFPV
    Feb 26

    Hey, first post on here after finding the whole project a few days ago. I fly racing quad-copters through fpv, (first person view) so live view from a camera on the quad to fpv goggles. so not too much of a difference but i thought i might tell you about all the hardware we use, namely micro fpv cameras, super low latency 3-20ms with wires so you can fit them anywhere, smallish size at 19x19mm which is pretty tiny for a high quality feed like these. anyway, for optics we mostly use goggles which have 2 sets of lenses but there are some cheap ones we can take apart (although please don't use these as goggles, they are cheap for a reason) namely eachine ev100s, they have 2 sets of screens but the flex goes to the main board which is vaguely face shaped so you can diy something for that. also what may be fun is adding a 5.8ghz video receiver to a tap, so you can pickup feeds from around the place and as its analog anyone can tune it, truly open source! Thanks for reading and I hope to make my own tap soon after I've been thinking about it for the last idk 5 years? never knew there were others! but just ask if this needs any clarification or anyone is interested in the racing part. Edit: I found a cheap beam splitter on banggood: https://www.banggood.com/1Pcs-30301_1mm-50R50T-Optical-Beam-Splitter-Plate-Optical-Laser-Lens-p-1379199.html?rmmds=search&cur_warehouse=CN#jsReviewsWrap banggood are usually quite good and ive ordered much more expensive stuff from them so this should be fine. I just thought id put this here as I saw you guys had an issue with expensive beam splitters, (might have been prisms but idk enough about this yet to know the difference).