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Cindy - OpenEyeTap
Mar 1, 2018

EyeTap for us who wear glasses


Do you wonder if we can have a clip-on type of EyeTap for people like myself who wear prescription eyeglasses already? This is something a lot of people wonder, especially if contact lenses are not much of a choice for some. This can be your project to work on and share (the whole point of "open" EyeTap) but here is what we started with:

This specific design was to clip on to bike goggles and safety glasses since they are more standard. Personal eyeglasses are more diverse to have a 1-fits-all type of design. However we are looking into a solution to that, and it can be your project as well. If you come up with a neat, smart design for a clip-on design that fits most of the glasses, share with people here to improve the wearable AR technology!


If you want the CAD files to the above photo for improvements, simply comment below :)


Oct 15, 2018



I recently Joined the forums (first post!) and an working on a similar design right now using a recycled pair of metal frame Safety glasses with the majority of the lens removed. If you are still willing to share the files or collaborate to come up with a mountable design, I'd love to snag the files to manipulate with a bit!

Cindy - OpenEyeTap
Oct 20, 2018

Yeah! I'll share the files with you. I work in Fusion 360, so I can export the files in Fusion 360 files format (easy to modify right away if you know the software as well, and we can collaborate on the same file), object file or STEP. Which one do you prefer?

Oct 20, 2018

Excellent! I work extensively in Fusion 360, I think the easiest way would be the F3D fusion files, or a share on A360, either would be fine! Thank you!

Cindy - OpenEyeTap
Oct 22, 2018

I've uploaded the files! Please don't mind my rough idea modelling, it's also an old design that I didn't update for awhile. I'm glad you are willing to collaborate! You can find the zip folder that I uploaded in Downloads -> 3D Printing Files https://www.openeyetap.com/3d-printing-files Meanwhile, I'll find a way for you to upload the design so other people can collaborate on top, in case you want to share :)

Oct 22, 2018

Thank you! I am having trouble finding the hyperlink to the zip file in the 3D printing files. The page appears to be there but I am having trouble once I get to it. Once you find a way for me to upload additional files, I will be happy to regularly upload new iterations as I complete them; with your approval of course.

Nov 7, 2018

Great collaboration ideas that would help me out since I also wear multivision prescription eyeglasses.

I hope to see some progress since I been waiting 20 year to build ...keep up the good works.

Oct 28

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  • anadom
    Mar 26

    Hi, not sure if this is still an active project, but I was wondering what micro display unit is recommended/has been used before. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
  • mickey
    Nov 17, 2018

    Under what license are the 3d designed eyetap frame?
  • Cayden Pierce
    Nov 6, 2018

    My favourite author, Raymond Kurzweil, the leading innovator, thinker, futurist, claims in two of his books ( The Singularity is Near and How to Create a Mind ) that the future of technology lies in an ever increasing symbiosis between biological intelligence and artificial intelligence. I agree with this vision, and realize that the businesses of the future will be those that take into account the ever growing intimacy that we experience with our machines. This is the aim of my virtual memory product. I envision a system that, when attached to a user (either around the neck or in a headset) records video and audio input. The differing sources of information comes together to become what I refer to as “virtual memories". The information is then connected to other virtual “memories” by analyzing patterns that new information shares with old information. In essence, this technology will align sensory input into a coherent structure, just as our biological memory works, except with perfect recall. This is being paired with multiple technologies, such as face and image recognition, to provide the “scenarios” and connections that is used by the software when making connections between memories. This has been a longheld vision of mine. My new experiences with the OpenEyeTap has started me on producing this vision. I would love feedback and ideas regarding the overall idea. I will write another post in the "Software" section outlining what I have completed thus far and what I will continue to create. Cayden Pierce http://piercetechnologi.es