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Nov 20, 2018


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Greetings from Brazil,


I am from Silicon Valley, but moved here 30 years ago. I am living in a country that is going backwards....while the rest of first class world moves forward into the future. I would like to thank all the eyetap team and forum members for any and all feedback. I have hard time keeping motivated...but your feedback has restored my faith in humanity and the future of wearcomp. So much so I am compelled to keep asking questions and probing the forum.

I received email from team about new design. Problem is the cost factor here since everything imported cost %150 import tax. Lately I see Meta 1 space glasses on ebay for cheap cost U$200 to $400 and even Meta 2 AR helmet for less than original cost.

I would buy if I could import without taxes. I could always come to USA and pickup.


So this is question..will you have a kit for new version at decent price and if so will you supply list of parts and cost of so I can compare with cost of parts here? You see as retired

cyber geezer I have to think about the bottom line. Happy Thanksgiving to all.


2 days ago

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  • mickey
    Jan 26

    So a long time I was thinking of making my own designed smart glasses. The cost of components was intimidating but over the years costs were in decline with sites like Aliexpress and alike. So I was influence by some designs especially from HACKADAY.IO few projects. I found a cheap micro display(60$) and a prism and experience with a few lenses with different focal lengths I ordered online. Then I came across this project (Openeyetap) which influence me a lot. and I adopted the frame design from it. then I decided to go with an Openeyetap and also design my own glasses. this is a few pictures from both routes : as you can see I tried a housing with a place for a mirror and also a place for zero spy camera and also printed all the eyetap parts for future eyetap. update to come...