Click HERE to download the Dash Camera Image.

This is a "plug and play" image for Dash Camera + Snapshot Function. You can burn the customized raspbian image with the function pre-configured. If you want step-by-step instructions how to install an image on your sd card, go here.


Automatic Execution of Program


The provided image has the dashcam functionality configured to start automatically - to kill this process at any time press ctrl + c, and to disable the autostart remove or comment the "python /home/pi/Eyetap/dashcam/" line from the /home/pi/.bashrc file."

A script called is provided in the dashcam folder that automatically configures the dashcam functionality to start on boot (if it is not already configured to do so). Do this by running the command /home/pi/Eyetap/dashcam/


Connecting EyeTap to Your YouTube Channel


The dashcam code is configured to upload to YouTube automatically, however it requires your personal youtube credentials. When running the code for the first time, it should redirect you to YouTube through a web browser where you can enter your YouTube login credentials securely. It will then generate a .youtube-upload-credentials.json file which you can place in your home directory (/home/pi). You can also change the title and description of the uploaded video as well as parameters such as resolution, framerate, and video length as described in the code.

Dash Camera Image