Live Stream your 1st person view of life to YouTube when connected to Wifi. Download the complete image here.


How can 1st person view videos be helpful?


If you want to record things you are seeing while using both hands, this can come in handy. For example, you are an experienced lab scientist who needs to teach certain procedures. Wear the EyeTap and record your 1st person view video while performing the procedures with both of your hands. Caption the video and share it to the incoming lab scientists for tutorial. Another example is using this function like Go-Pro, filming exciting events or activities!


How to set up this image with your EyeTap


  1. Write the provided SD card image to a blank SD card.
  2. Go to the "Creator Studio" in Youtube from the upper right drop-down menu (account info), then click on "Live Streaming" on the left hand menu.
  3. In "Encoder Setup" near the bottom, find the "Server URL" and the "Stream Key". Your Server URL should be rtmp:// Click on "Reveal" to find out your streaming key.
  4. Edit the file "/etc/init.d/start-streaming" in the SD card with your file editor of choice. Find the string "PLEASE-CHANGE-ME" and replace with your streaming key that you got from Step 3.
  5. Insert the SD card into the Pi Zero and boot it up. Connect to your local wifi. When booted and connected to wifi, press the button to start the camera. Pressing the button again will toggle streaming your camera feed to Youtube

Wifi YouTube Live Stream image